Spam: What Can You Do?

It is always important to use caution when dealing with spam, no matter how serious it might be. The follow tips should always be taken into consideration:

  1. For e-mail spam, it is best to delete any spam messages that appear in your regular inbox. If something looks suspicious, then it most likely is spam and should be deleted.
  2. Always be careful when dealing with “official” spam. Any message delivered from a supposed government or corporation should be looked over with the finest attention to detail. Be sure to look for any official seals of approval. If any official e-mail is asking for any sort of money or supposed fine, there is an extremely high likelihood that is spam and should be deleted.
  3. Most e-mails thankfully are able to differentiate between regular e-mails and spam. They are automatically sorted into the spam section. It is wise to continually empty the spam section whenever possible to prevent a large buildup.
  4. Look into the tools section of your web browser or site. Most likely there is a program that will help to prevent spam from harming your computer.
  5. If you click on a message and it immediately asks you to install or access your computer, deny and delete the message immediately. Remember what file it was trying to access and take care to make sure there are no immediate remnants from the message.

Here are a few additional tips to prevent spam:


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