Spam: The Stuff You Love to Loathe

If there is one thing that everyone that uses the internet knows, it’s spam. It appears everywhere and especially in your e-mail. But do you truly know what it is? Spam is a sent message, many times without being asked for, that has the potential to be a harmless fluff message about some absurd deal or a dangerous malicious message that can cause significant problems to your computer and software. As such when dealing with spam, it is best to be cautious and take no chances with any message from an unknown sender. There is also a high variety of the quality of each piece of spam. Some are extremely simple that are obvious hoaxes or false advertisements. There are some, however, that are very official looking and plastered with fake copies of government or company seals. The key to tell the difference between a true government email and one that is fake and possibly spam is an important thing to learn.


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