An email to Upper Management

Dear Upper Management,

Hello ladies and gentleman of the higher management! My name is Nicholas Little and I was hoping that I could just take a few moments of your time to give some advice for improving the Barnes and Noble website. The current design of the website is quite fantastic and has many great qualities about it but the simplest tweaks in terms of design and advertising would improve the site. For example, the Free Shipping page that describes the terms and conditions to receive free shipping on their order is very good but it would be much more accessible to the general consumer if the information was spread out more and easier to understand in some sections. Minor tweaks such as this on many of the information bulk pages would allow your consumers to understand and care more about the possible benefits from the offers you’re giving them. I recommend you find an expert who can make those minor changes or even take advice from within the company to find the best way to resolve any possible issues. Thank you for your time and I hope your business continues to be a rousing success.


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