An email to the Financial Office

Dear Chief Financial Officer and Finance Minions,

Hello there! My name is Nicholas Little and I would love to help you to obtain the highest possible profit from your Barnes and Noble website. I believe with just a few changes to the site and individual pages, your profit margin could easily increase. For example, your Deals of the Day page is quite good to provide customers with the best deals for their needs and wants but it is not an immediately accessible page. Simply putting a link on the home page of the site would allow more users to find the current deals, increasing the amount of sales you would get for your fantastic deals and earning a profit in the process. I would also recommend that on any featured books you’re advertising, you add a current price tag to the advertisement to allow the consumer to discover the price for the book quicker and easier. Small changes such as these could easily improve sales and put more money into your pockets. Thank you very much for your time.


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