Analyzing Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble is a website whose goals include selling the best possible merchandise to their customers as well as providing the best information they possibly can about the merchandise that can be bought. They achieve both of these goals by providing multiple sections for each type of possible book as well as a section for each type of consumer, from young to old. Each individual book or product page is enhanced by important information regarding the product, such as the total amount of pages within the book, the genre a book or movie is assigned, the price of each item, whether it is a hard, paperback, or electronic copy of the book and other important information.

There are many different types of consumers who would come to visit the site. Some may be young adults, looking for the newest book craze or a possible mandatory reading book they have for homework. They can easily find books that may apply to what they need or want by going to the Teen subsection along the Subject bar which will provide them with many different options to satisfy their requirements. Another consumer who may come to the site is a digital book reader. They would be looking for digital copies of books which would be immediately available to be used or read once the item is bought. They can look at the Nook book section which can be easily used by their respective Nooks, allowing them to use these digital downloads.

The organization does its best to provide the best possible information for its products to its consumers. Not only do they provide specific sections based on the target user’s age or preferred reading style, they provide each book or product page with a large amount of relevant information regarding the book, such as a book synopsis and very specific details about the books size and content.

Barnes and Noble already has a bountiful supply of users who know about their content but it would be useful for them to advertise more on frequently visited sites such as Tumblr and Facebook. Information about current deals and nearby events would be very useful to provide to interested customers.


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